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Millions of Californians have no idea if or when they will be able to return to their jobs. Paying for food and rent is a constant worry as the economic fallout of the COVID-19 crisis bears down. For Black and Latinx Californians, low-income households, and undocumented Californians the health and financial strains are even greater. What targeted federal and state policies are needed from policymakers to help Californians as the economic crisis lingers on?

This Q&A video provides answers to this question and many more, including:

  • How is the COVID-19 economic crisis and recession different than previous ones California has weathered?
  • Who are the Californians most affected by the COVID-19 economic crisis?
  • What immediate and ongoing support should state leaders prioritize for Californians left out of federal relief?
  • How can the state’s rainy day fund be used to help now?
  • Can California expect more federal support?
  • Where do the state and Californians go from here?

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