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SACRAMENTO – The California Budget & Policy Center released a first look at the Californians who may be facing economic hardship related to the COVID-19 health and economic crisis based on the industries and occupations likely affected by business reductions and closures.

The sudden shutdown of businesses and industries that are significant sources of employment for millions of Californians leaves individuals and families who were already struggling to pay rent, buy groceries, and living paycheck to paycheck especially vulnerable.

The Budget Center has a set of three new fact sheets that provide a better understanding of the workers, industries, and occupations most immediately affected by the COVID-19-related economic shutdown.  Specifically, the new estimates – based on 2019 data – look at:

  1. The California Industries Hit Hardest by COVID-19 Economic Shutdown
  2. A Regional Look at the Industries Hit Hardest by COVID-19 Economic Shutdown
  3. Occupations Most Immediately Affected by Statewide Business Reductions &

Federal policymakers can utilize this information to enact bold, aggressive policies that help workers and their families be able to pay for their basic needs in the coming months. Meanwhile, California leaders can focus on using limited state dollars to fill in gaps in the federal response so that all Californians who are struggling right now don’t pay the price of the COVID-19 economic crisis for years to come.


The California Budget & Policy Center engages in independent fiscal and policy analysis and public education with the goal of improving public policies affecting the economic and social well-being of Californians with low and middle incomes. Support for the Budget Center comes from foundation grants, subscriptions, and individual contributions.

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