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Our Name

The California Budget & Policy Center is the official name of our organization.

We use the ampersand. The Budget Center is acceptable on second and subsequent reference. Use the article “the” before our full name.

On social media, the handle @CalBudgetCenter is an acceptable use of our name.

Our Logo

How to use our logo:

  • The Budget Center’s logo elements must not be altered.
  • Use the logo without the descriptor line at reduced sizes.
  • Make sure background colors are dark enough when using the colored-reversed logo.
  • To ensure legibility, the circle image should not be smaller than .55 inches.
  • The logo should always be surrounded by at least .15 inches.
  • Download our full Brand Toolkit to learn more.

Attribution Language

We hope you use and share our work — that’s why we allow you to share and adapt our resources to best fit your needs. However, we do ask that you give us appropriate credit.

Our work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Visit Creative Commons to learn more about this license and how to give appropriate credit. 

Social Media

When mentioning the Budget Center on social media, please tag us using the handle @CalBudgetCenter. You can also find us on LinkedIn at

If you have any questions about the guidance provided here or need additional variations of our logo, please contact us at